The Bomb Shell 1981

A young maniac starts a terrorist spree in Hong Kong. The police do not manage to catch the culprit. When the wife and child of inspector Tsui get wounded in one of the explosion, he intends to catch the dangerous maniac.

Umbango 1986

When Kay Kay, a powerful, ruthless businessman sets out on a mission of revenge against two men accused of killing his brother, he strong-arms the local sheriff into forming a posse of thugs to aid in his vendetta.

Sobharaj 1986

Sobharaj is the leader of an underworld gang. He gets killed in an encounter with the police. The DSP uses his lookalike brother to pose as him in order to capture the rest of his gang.

La Palomilla 1970

Narrates the exploits of notorious gangster José A. Gerena Lafontaine, most commonly known as La Palomilla for his ability to escape prisons where he was detained.

The Hellfire Angel 1979

Cheng Szu is a hostess in a Hong Kong night-club who spends one evening in the company of 4 crooks masquerading as Indonesian billionaires. When CID crash the party 2 of the men, Ling & Hung, escape while the other pair, Lu & Tan, are captured and imprisoned.

Jail Breakers 1976

After escaping the prison Chiba teams up with a bunch of thugs, who design prison escapes for money. Unfortunately trust and loyalty are unknown concepts to these men who take turns deceiving each other.

The Small 1983

Markus, 16, goes to the city where his big brother Mischa will show him the ropes. But Mischa has gambled away his money, leading to theft and deeper troubles. Markus must take revenge.