Not everyone has the budget to buy from Gucci or Balenciaga but at the same time, it’s nice to look like you’re a regular shopper in these places.

Adding luxury to your outfits is something that you can do without having to spend an absolute fortune. If you’re looking for something that gives that extra elegance to your wardrobe, then it’s something that can easily be done.

To transform your outfits into something a little more luxurious, here are some simple ways to add a little luxury to your style this year.

Splurge on some key pieces

When it comes to dressing luxurious items, you don’t need the whole item to be made up of luxury pieces. In fact, you could splurge on just one or two key pieces which provide a luxury feel for the outfit as a whole.

For example, you could treat yourself to a designer bag, belt or scarf to elevate the outfit with something that can be versatile across many outfits. Splurging on this one item can certainly transform an outfit and any outfits you assemble together from your wardrobe.

Get DIY-savvy with crystals

Crystals are a great way to elevate an outfit without it looking tacky. When you put crystals onto fabric, make sure you do it in the proper fashion. There are tips for applying crystals depending on the type of fabric being used.

With crystals, it’s all about less is more. Try not to overload the piece being decorated with too many crystals as this might go the opposite way of feeling luxury. When you feel as though you’ve got enough – leave it, don’t add anymore!

Go online for inspiration if you’re struggling to figure out what pieces to decorate with crystals.

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Be selective with fabrics

Talking of fabrics, certain materials are going to look more luxurious than others. When it comes to buying the different fabrics, try to opt for certain materials and splurge on these instead of buying a bunch of cheap clothing made out of fabric that’s only going to last one season.

From cashmere to faux leather, these types of materials are going to give you that abundance of luxury that you’re looking for in your outfits.

Opt for neutrals

When it comes to luxury, bright bold colours don’t always lean towards being a sign of luxury. Sometimes, a neutral wardrobe or some core neutral pieces can fake the appearance of it being a luxury item when it’s a bargain from your local high-street retailer.

Neutral clothing is great to have regardless because it’s a great foundational colour for combining with other colours.

Don’t forget makeup touch-ups

Remember makeup can be part of your outfit. There’s nothing more glamorous and expensive than covering yourself with liquid or powder highlighter and perhaps a little sparkle in your eyeshadow.

Adding a little luxury to your outfits doesn’t need to cost you the earth. With that being said, use these tips to transform your outfits lying in your wardrobe.