Women are often held up as the faces of fashion. And rightly so. They look fabulous doing it. However male style is just as complex, and you can look unique with some adjustments.

Men Love (and Look Great with) Watches

Maybe it’s the intricacy. Or perhaps it’s the vintage designs and forged materials. Whatever it is, there’s something about a quality watch that gets a man going. And a quality watch isn’t as expensive as you think. You can find excellent watches from famous fashion labels such as Tommy Hilfiger, that work with any style you are going for. However, if you have a little more money to spend, Rolex or Patek Philippe watches are an investment as much as a fashion statement. And you’ll be among stars like Sylvester Stallone and Paul McCartney. 

Getting the Right Fit

90% of fashion problems, especially for men, come down to the fit of the clothes. You can spend £2,000 on an Armani (off the rack) suit. But even the best materials and designs won’t make you look good if it’s too big or too small. That’s why celebrities like Ryan Gosling can look stunning in a t-shirt and jeans. While stuffy City of London guys look ridiculous in shiny suits. However, this isn’t most guys’ fault. Dressing well and finding the right fit for anything you wear is a skill. And like any skill, it takes time to find what you look good in, the right size, and even colours.

Male Style Should be Personal

Women often have it somewhat easier than men when it comes to styling. For the most part, they can go with the flow and visit a local stylist to be done up according to the latest trends. Men don’t have that luxury, which is why you must concentrate on developing personal style:

  • Study and try out the classic looks before beginning to adapt your own.
  • Dress in plain clothing and stay away from prints, slogans and logos.
  • Buy the best quality materials your budget allows, but get the right fit.

You need to get hands-on to understand how to develop your style. Play around with different fits and designs. For example, leather jackets can look ridiculous. But only when they don’t fit right. Spend time in the store trying on clothes. That’s why women always look so good.

Take Different Sizes of the Rack

The most probable reason why men don’t look as good as they can is that they don’t have the patience to try on clothes. All too often, a guy will just take one size, try it on, and then say, “Okay, that’ll do”. But you’re making a massive mistake by doing this. Of course, you won’t like trying on clothes, and you’re doing yourself a disservice by not taking a few extra minutes. Instead, try taking three sizes of each item. If you can’t find a good fit in a scaling size, you won’t find one, period. Plus, you will save time by not going back and forth from the fitting room.

Swap It Up, Slowly but Surely

You can use your bass style to gradually develop a better style that improves over time. To do this, all you need to do is swap things around to see what works. For example, suppose you have a specific chino and t-shirt combination in which you look pretty good. Well, how about trying a dress in the same colour as the t-shirt for a smart-casual appointment like a party. Or perhaps slip on a sports coat to glam it up a little when going on an exciting blind date. The trick is gradually building up a profile of clothing you know works well, up to a wardrobe to die for.


Male style is more prominent than it once was, as men all over the world dress better than ever. Accessories like watches look great on guys, but you should take the time to develop your personal style. You can do this by slowly building a wardrobe of well-fitting, quality clothing.

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