I am always a big believer in the huge impact that jewellery can have on our outfits and how we look. Jewellery can shape our sense of style, and add volume, glamour and colour where needed. Of course, when it comes to fashion, we have our staple items.  Jeans and T-shirts and blazers and jumpers, these all form the outfits and looks we put together, but it’s pieces such as shoes and bags and hats which create such a plethora of other accessories that add personality to those daily looks. But none do this more so than jewellery, in my opinion.

Many of us choose our jewellery with care, thinking about the upcoming occasion and what look we want to go for. I wouldn’t turn up to the nursery run with statement jewel drop earrings in, but I would do for a restaurant booking, to go with my shooulder skimming dress and tied up sleek hairstyle.

Fine jewellery is my all time favourite, and I do tend to pop in a small pair of dainty earrings, even for the daily nursery drop. But because I love dainty pieces so much, I can easily lose myself and fall behind when it comes to accessory trends. Chunkier, statement styles can really shape and create a look, therefore I’ve decided to research and share the latest jewellery and accessory trends for 2023.

Remember to not obsess over ‘trends’, and follow them ‘just because it’s in fashion’. Thankfully, some jewellery trends tend to stick around longer than those of other fashion items— and they dip in and out over the years. But those pieces you love and invest in can continue to be worn with your outfits, it’s just sometimes best to know exactly how to wear them, and what with.

Here’s some key jewellery trends you can expect to see throughout 2023, with some tips on how to carry them off.

Pearls: jumbo and oversized

Pearls have been a key feature across both fashion jewellery and the bridal industry for years, with designers revamping their pearl offerings year after year. This year, it’s all about the oversized and more statement pearls, but don’t let this sound too scary or over-the-top. Think singular large pearl drop earrings, or pearl collar necklaces, teamed with smart, one colour outfits for a demur and grown up look.  

Gold rings, cocktail and jewelled rings

Cocktail rings dip in and out of fashion over the years, but they always return due to the beauty of allowing that extra sparkle and bling to sit on our fingers. This time around, cocktail rings, gold rings and jewelled rings are more subtle, with one key stone as the feature. This means classic gemstone rings are making their way back – a great way to proudly wear a shiny emerald or sparkling ruby on your finger. Gold rings tend to be the ideal choice when it comes to the material of the ring, as the glimmering gold band is very elegant and glamorous for this exciting trend.

For those who want to sit at the more extravagant end of the ring trend, cocktail rings can feature unmissable stones, or stunning embellished charms. If you do opt for this trend, try to keep wrists free from bracelets or anything else to distract the attention from the fingers. Let the bling ring do the talking!

The perfect outfit to go alongside a statement gold ring is an elegant evening dress – brands like Goddiva have some gorgeous styles!

Shoulder skim earrings

For the ears, it’s all about long, drop-like earrings that reach the shoulder and sit nicely, brushing the skin. You may have seen this feature regularly across the catwalks for 2023, and can be pulled off best when teamed up with hair up styles, or hair secured behind the ears. Keep outfits simple, and let the shoulder skimming earrings be the wow feature. Tassel drops, pearls and jewels are the favourite here, which have been big across designers like between Chanel and Nensi Dojaka. 

Chunky cuffs

Bangles have had their moment, and aren’t looking to return to the trend charts this year. Instead, it’s their grown up, more sophisticated big sister – chunky cuffs. Cuffs can be worn on each wrist to toughen up and add attitude to an outfit, especially as you can mix your materials here. You don’t have to opt for metal ones – there are many fabric ones which work, like leather or mesh, which wrap around the wrists and can feature embellishments like studs, jewels or chain details. Or, for a more sleek and finished look, opt for a large, brushed gold or silver cuff which sits elegantly on one wrist.

gold chain necklace

Collar necklaces

Chunky chain necklaces will never go out of style; and the collar is a beautiful position for these to sit nicely. Worn best with shirts open at the neckline to reveal a beautiful collar necklace, chain details tend to work best with this trend. Stick to gold or silver so that you can wear any colour shirt and jeans/skirt with the collar necklace.

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