Summer is the ideal time to revamp your wardrobe. One of the best ways to do this is with lots of pairs of shorts, as they come in so many different styles they can really create a stylish look. Choose shorts to create a versatile wardrobe that works all summer long…

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts take their name from the island of Bermuda. Many people wear them here as a way of keeping it formal and yet comfortable at the same time. Bermuda shorts are a good option when you want to stay cool and look good. Use them when you’re planning to go to a dinner party but you need to avoid getting too hot.

Biker Shorts

Another option that works well when it comes to women’s shorts is biker shorts. These are shorts that stay close to the skin. If you are someone who loves to spend time outdoors and engage in all sorts of summer sports, these are really good items to add to your wardrobe right now.

As those at Champion point out, “Champion x Smiley® brings a smile to your new-season style, reimagining classic Champion signatures with a feel-good twist.”

Chino Shorts

Chinos are designed to help you stay cool no matter what you’re doing this season. These shorts have the advantage of being light in weight and easy to wear. You’ll find them in many lengths.

That makes it easy to pick the one you like best. Longer shorts are a good idea when you’re out and about but you want to look chic. Shorter styles are a good option when you want to head to the beach or take a dip in the pool.

High Waisted Shorts

Shorts that come up to the waist offer a chance to keep it simple and yet very elegant at the same time. They come in varied types of fabrics including cotton and linen. These shorts are a good option when you need to head to the office.

They pair well with lots of types of tops. You can wear them with a simple, elegant tee short or go for something more elaborate. An embroidered shirt with lots of details sets off the entire look nicely and makes shorts look really good.


Skorts combine the look of skirts with the easy wear of shorts. These are good when you like something that is modest and well designed. Many women love the fact that skorts are a good way to have something they can wear to the office or when heading off for a night at the opera. Skorts come in many colors, styles and types.

Muted colors such as navy blue and white make a good way to celebrate your love of summer. You can also go for something brighter like vivid pink and lime green to create a fun look.

One of the best things about shorts is there are so many options to pick from this summer. Find your own to create the perfect seasonal wardrobe.

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