Read on to find out some of the best outfit ideas for your next pool party.

Pool Party Outfit Ideas

With Summer and the warmer months fast approaching, it is almost time to relax our days away next to the pool. Pool parties are incredibly popular once it gets hot outside, and many people want to ensure they are still looking stylish.

If you are looking to upgrade your pool party wardrobe or you are looking for a brand new pool party outfit, here are a few ideas for you to choose from. 

What to Remember

First off, when deciding on what outfit to wear to your next pool party you want to ensure that you go for something comfortable and yet be ultra stylish like the selections from Bydee

The Swimwear

The first thing you need o think about is your swimming costume. This isn’t necessarily about what style of costume you choose but more about what makes you feel the most confident and the most comfortable. 

It is important to remember that you don’t only have to wear a bikini to show off the parts of your body you love, and you don’t only have to wear a one-piece if you feel insecure. Pick a costume that makes you feel confident, and build your outfit around it. 

Bring a Cover-Up

Pool parties are all about being super relaxed and comfortable, and therefore you don’t want to spend your time wearing “real” clothes. A cover-up, such as a sarong or even a kimono, are simple and chic items that help you cover up while keeping you cool and comfortable. 


If you are at a pool party, it is most likely hot outside. Therefore, you want to choose clothing items that are lightweight and breathable. Cotton is always a great material to go for, and garments that are loose-fitting will ensure your body stays cool throughout the day. 

Night Time 

It is also important to remember that the party could go on into the night, and the weather may get cooler. Therefore, pack additional items that will keep you warm, as you aren’t going to be hot the entire day. 


Next, don’t forget that you will need a pair of shoes too. Depending on how stylish you want to be and what type of look you are going for will determine the shoes you wear. If you want to go boho, then choose a pair of wedges; sandals are great for a casual look, and heels are perfect for a classy look. 

Keep it Simple 

Finally, always remember to keep it simple. When it comes to pool parties, less is always more and will ensure that you aren’t too overdressed but also not underdressed to the point of looking like you haven’t made an effort. 

Cover-Up Outfit

The first outfit you should consider is the cover-up outfit. One of the best things about this outfit is that it is perfect if you want to be a bit more reserved and feel a little insecure but don’t want to compromise on style.

One of the most stylish things to use as a cover-up is a caftan, which you can then pair with a simple pair of sandals, your bathing suit, a tote, and a hat of your choice. 

Summer Dress

The Summer dress look is another simple, classic look that suits almost any style and body type. You can wear any costume, and then on top, you can wear a light and flowy Summer dress that will keep you cool and comfortable all day. 

While you can choose to wear sandals, flats, heels, or wedges, you can also wear a pair of sneakers with a Summer dress if you are going to be doing a lot of walking or you want to wear a shoe that is extra comfortable.

Denim Shorts

Another classic look is the crop top and denim shorts combo. While this may be too little clothing for some, it is great for those who just want to wear an outfit that isn’t their bathing suit and something that is fun and easy to wear. 


While many may think that a sarong is something that is from the 90s, they are still widely popular, and for good reason. Not only can you swim with one on to stop yourself from getting burnt, they dry incredibly quickly, meaning you don’t even have to get changed. 

Sarongs are also the perfect combination of a cover-up and something that is more than breathable and comfortable enough to be worn all day and something to keep you warm once the sun goes down. 


Finally, if you are attending a pool party that is part of a more formal event, you might want to go the glam route; while finding the balance between a pool party look and a formal event look can be tricky, there are a few items to choose from. 

Choose a Summer dress or cover-up, and pair it with a pair of wedge heels. Also, take the time to accessorise with some jewellery, as adding a bit of sparkle will make your outfit look extra chic. Finally, opt for a tote bag to keep any extra items at hand, as well as any garments you may want to change into as the day goes on. 

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